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Thumbs up Star wars knights of the old republic Return of the jedi

l hope everyone will like my maded story l was prepearing all weak here it is

Star Wars Knights of the old republic

Chapter one
Return of the jedi

In the galaxy's darkest hour the mighty jedi exile and
his compennions went to the malachor system to
find darth traya.The great jedi knight exile went in
to the deadly confrantation with traya to ditermen the
fate of the galaxy the great sith lord darth traya was
prepering to create a wound in the force much greater than
the great jedi knight exile
coused by going to the mandalorian wars but the great exile
defeated kreia but before killing her kreia spoked
That the treat was not just malachor 5
but also the war in the unnoun regions that revan went to fight then
he disaited to go to the unnoun regions to find revan.
Visas staid at malachor to wait for ather jedi knights
to come
but there weren't any jedi comming after then the great
jedi master Bastila was prepearing to train her child Shatyl Shan
to restore the jedi order but after then the republic has founded
out that
there is a new threat to the galaxy the ruttles sith emperor has risin
from the unnoun regions with a sith armada to begin a conquast of
the republic the great jedi exile returned from the unnaun regions he
arrived at the planet telos to bring good news to admural carth abaut
Revan.Exile told carth that Revan survived the war but he was no
were to be found then carth desited to begin finding clues were
is gone to.Mean wyle the great Sith Emperor has began an attack on
the planet Naboo the Great queen of Naboo has demanted a short
nagociation but the Emperor did't agread to the queen's negociations
The Emperor has sended a big army to the planet they quckly seased
the city of Naboo then the Queen has sended a distress call to Republic.
Now the Republic is prepearing a plan to free Naboo..........

The next part of my maded story will come next time this is only part one.
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