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Well, I reckon it's time again for an update. Once more, thanks are deserved to Scorge who helped in making...well, let me show you...

Show spoiler

Progress is starting to move along still; but, as before, it could prove to be faster were there more people involved in the project. (See the top post of this page for details.)

Contest Time
I thought to myself the other day, why shouldn't I get some ideas from the community again? So, an opportunity has presented itself and well be reflected in the next video update that I plan to make in the near future. So, the details are as follows
  • Who - Anyone who wants to participate
  • What - Make a unique Jedi, including their name and appearance
  • When - From Oct. 30 to Thanksgiving 2012 (Appropriate, no? )
  • Constraints - You must make either the head skin or full-body model yourself. The only limit is that the Jedi must be able to equip the Jedi Master Robes. (Whether by skinning the Jedi Robes on the full-body model, or simply by making a new head.)

You may contact me either via e-mail (see any of my recent readme files from any mod), Skype (see my profile for the username), or private message either here or the forum on Kast's Echo by the appointed deadline.

Announcement Time

Yes, you read correctly just now: Kast's Echo is finally up and running again. (Some minor details are not done yet, but I will fix them soon.) Included on the site's revision is a forum where you can get direct support for my mods and discuss Echo of the Force. In the near future, I will make a subsection on my site for Echo of the Force constructed; until such a time, feel free to go to the appropriate section on my forum.

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