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I've heard this guy talk before. Guess he the libertarian guy now.

Closer to representing me than either of the two mainstreamers.

There are local level ego maniacal talking heads out of the mainstream as well who bash on him and any other third party, lumping them in with their political opposite. Don'cha just love polarization?

The one in my area seems particularly bent on biting into Johnson now, as he previously did with Ron Paul and Bob Barr. Of course he's also a drama queen wanting to call the police on a ramshackle shed with (GASP!) a hatchet inside it that he "happened to see out of the corner of [his] eye" walking in the woods near his house. And he had to tell everybody about it. Might as well sick the FBI on fishing boats at the ocean too.

So yeah, if prima-donna pro-statist nobodies are the worst of his media coverage, that solidifies my liking of him of only to spite those chucklef***s.
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