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Originally Posted by Kuai-Donn Jorn View Post
Ok.Viridian it is...

This won't be Kreia's main saber and it is only used by her on Peragus/Harbinger. It gets lost after Sion chops her hand off.
Sounds nice... but if I may, I'd like to put my input in there... So here I am with my canon poppycock again ...and I read that Kreia normally used a self-made double-bladed lightsaber (weird that CSWE should write this, see here). And I dunno how the heck she would use that given she has no left hand to control it, but a more realistic scenario would look something like this (at least in my eyes, it would make sense):

- Kreia appears unarmed on Peragus, however only visibly.
- When Sion appears, she brandishes a hidden double-bladed saber (suppose she hid it in her robes)
- Sion defeats her, slashing her saber in half or destroying one end of the hilt, also slicing her hand off
- End result: Kreia's saber from Telos onward is a green, single-bladed saber which is singed on one end, like Maul had his sliced in half, hence using one half.

Just my thoughts tho, maybe you'll get inspired

I'm more of a '3d fabricator' than a '3d modeller', meaning I prefer to construct things from reference, blueprints or schematics rather than to design stuff of my own.
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