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Originally Posted by Obi-Wan Bologna View Post
I will definitely give it a try sometime, just wondering if anyone had succesfully done it.
Oh it's been successfully done. just...not by myself. I'm sure if you could assign the function keys to the various buttons used in the KOTOR games, you might have a 1:1 control, or at least semi-alike, with extras you don't use much still assigned and used on your keyboard. Don't know how it'll fare with joystick for mouse. That's another reason you'll have to fidget with it, you may need to do a lot of fine tuning and adjustment to get it just the way you like.

But I will report back once I give it a try. It will probably be a while as it's not a huge priority. lol

I'm always doing a bazillion things at once. Currently I've moved back to electronic hardware from software pursuits for the time being. But you never know when I shift gears again.
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