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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
$4 billion dollars....Figure tells me that Lucas was pretty business savvy himself.
Really? Disney bought Pixar for 7.4 billion 6 years ago. Yet for 4 billion they get all of Lucasfilm which includes their IP (Star Wars and Indiana Jones being the major ones), ILM which does FX for half of Hollywood, Skywalker Sound which probably does sound post-processing for 3/4 of Hollywood, LucasArts (which admittedly hasn't met its potential in a long time, but has a vast back catalogue of properties), Lucas Animation which is doing Clone Wars (and potentially other stuff) and Lucas Licensing which has merchandising and licensing deals worth a pretty penny. Additionally there is THX and a few other spin-offs, which I think Lucas may still have a controlling interest in, if not own outright, although I'm unsure if they are included in the deal.

That lot looks like a pretty good bargain for Disney. So that says to me that Lucas, far from being a savvy businessman, was simply interested in getting out, and was willing to give the lot away for a relative song.
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