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Originally Posted by DAWUSS View Post

The Episode 7 thing... Thanks to the EU, it's going to be something that either the non-casual fan has seen before in a book, comic, or game, or it's something that will be so far down the timeline the casual fan has no idea what's going on.

And this is assuming it doesn't suck.
I completely agree. There is 2 ways this could go, and both of them scare the hell out of me.

Option 1: Disney does what it does best (in recent memory), makes huge movies, that are ridiculously expensive and michael bay'esque, being all flash and bang, but no real substance (John Carter). Or what it does second best, take something and ham it up.

Option 2: New doors are opened up, and other ideas are thrown around (Republic Commando/ Imperial Commando movie or game), and old projects are brought back from the land of the dead, and given new life and money to make them a reality.

Being Disney's history, and their overly child oriented content, i am leaning towards option 1. Pixar made it big because they did it on their own first. And disney bought them and slapped a Disney logo on their work. Microsoft did the same thing with Bungie and Halo. I have 2 little kids, and and Disney movies they have, mostly new ones, are awful, and the kids like them because of all the flashy colours and funny noises that can keep a 3 year olds attention.

I will say i have high hopes for the Lone Ranger, but i am attaching the same mentality to this as i did to the Halo movie and Gears Of War movie. There is just too many ways to completely screw it up. If George Lucas screwed it up, I can let that pass, it was his creation to begin with. Disney screwing it up would be the equivalent of pissing on Shakespeare

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