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If that truly is the case, then I would say... highly unlikely. But I'm not going to try and shove canon down anyone's throat about it. All I'm saying is that I've read the source material, and implies she used a green double bladed lightsaber (at some point) during her exile. Whether or not it was broken in half or not is purely ambiguous as stated by myself, but it would make more sense than the story given by CSWE,which said she used a self-made double bladed green saber during her travels -- for how long, it is unknown -- and that I found that this sourcing makes no sense as there was no way she could control a saberstaff with only one hand. That's my disagreement with the canon source, not to say that I'm always kissing up to the damn thing.

I'm more of a '3d fabricator' than a '3d modeller', meaning I prefer to construct things from reference, blueprints or schematics rather than to design stuff of my own.
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