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NAME: Tyria
AFFILIATION: Imperial Intelligence
GENDER: Female
AGE: 26
APPEARANCE: Light blue skin, and scars from the neck and up to the chin. She has long black hair and pure red eyes.
WEAPONS: Imperial Blaster Rifle, Full set of Vibro Knives, Poison Darts.
EQUIPMENT: Agent Armor, Stealth Field Generator.
OCCUPATION: Imperial Agent
HISTORY: Tyria was raised in the empire, straight from birth she was taught to obey the empire. When she was older, a man called "Keeper" saw she had talent and trained her to be an imperial agent. After many mission successes she was promoted to a Cipher Agent, "Cipher 9" Tyria is completely loyal to the empire and would never disobey a command, even if it ment ending her own life.

(Not sure if i'll get a pic for him.)

NAME: Ahkul Jadzorid
AGE: 38
APPEARANCE: Tanish Brown skin with Orange eyes. He has a few grey strings of hair coming off his head though its mostly just covered with spikes. His face tatoos circle around his eyes and hoop down across his nose.
WEAPONS: Yellow Single Bladed Lightsaber
EQUIPMENT: Jedi Consular Robes
OCCUPATION: Jedi Consular (Sage)
HISTORY: When he was young Ahkul trained at a jedi temple with many other students, he learned very well and the jedi masters there were intrigued by his thirst for knowledge. He became Master Selvarra's aprrentice and was taught many different ways to use the force, but he still always wanted to learn more. After many years of training and learning he became a jedi master, getting ready to train an aprrentice of his own.

Lets rock and role play!
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