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3. Most ppl are just extremely impatient or have done them so many times they hate even being there and just want to go from start to finish without lifting a finger. " I dont want to do this, I just want my comms so I can go."
I STILL find this very annoying but at the same time I find myself hitting the spacebar as fast as I can just to avoid hearing "spacebar plz". Which may be even more annoying.

Amusing anecdote: I was doing dailies on Belsavis a month or so ago. As soon as I buffed and targeted a Rattataki leader to fight, some jackass Shadow in PvP gear (I hate PvP'ers) jumps in front of me and begins fighting my target. His explanation for this asshattery was that I didnt start the fight "fast enough" for which he felt entitled him to take the target from me.
Ya know that little room area with the 3 stations furthest north on Belsavis where you get your dailies from? 15 minutes later this guy was hopping on his speeder to cross that room.
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