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Originally Posted by Lord2 View Post
" Then edit the gliConfig.ini file, enable the options required and then run the application."

What does this mean? What functions are required and how do you proceed next?

I read somewhere that the freecam is activated using ctrl, shift and C and i,j,k,l, or something, are used to move but nothing happened when I tried it.

And K1 goes into an unplayable state (a lot of lag)
Its a little confusing at first.

1. Download the 32 bit version of Glintercept...32 bit is for the application type not windows version.

2. Then after installation, simply copy the opengl32.dll and a gliConfig.ini file from the install directory to the executable folder of the application you want to intercept OpenGL calls...I used the gliConfig_AuthorStd.ini then renamed it to gliConfig.ini this ini file has the best settings.

3. You could edit the free cam ini found in the plugins folder from the glintercept install directory. I have an example below....basically i changed wireframe mode to ctrl+shft+z and camera movement to w,s,a,d.

To enable free cam ctl+shft+c


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