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He not only sold Star Wars. He sold Indiana Jones, THX, the Monkey Island games, the sound rendering companies he owned, digital imaging companies, the whole shebang. He didn't need more money. He already had more money than a normal man could spend in a lifetime.

Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
We haven't watched the same John Carter...
If you don't like that comparison, how about the 4th Pirates Of The Caribbean?

I walked away from that one wondering "what the hell happened?" It was big, and flashy and expensive, but Disney got greedy. When everything was concluded and the characters had closure, they wanted more. Gore Verbinski didn't direct the 4th installment, and it was nowhere near as good at the previous 3.

I will say that given the proper people behind the movie, it can be amazing. Would The Dark Knight returns be as good if it wasn't Christopher Nolan that directed it? possibly, but i am leaning towards no.

The stars have to line up exactly to make a sequel to an existing franchise worth watching, and i have to many doubts that Disney won't just make a big, flashy, expensive movie in an attempt to make a huge amount of cash quickly. Lets face it, if they wanted a franchise that has a history of consistently performing, Star Wars is it. People will see it because it has STAR WARS in the title, they may hate themselves afterward for seeing it, but they spent their money to see it.

Unless the next trilogy is as good or better than the original and prequel trilogies still are, i don't think an attempt should be made. All the big names and even original names from the original and prequel trilogy could all sign up for it, but i think without the brain behind the camera it should not go past the paper stage. I think the brain behind the camera should be George Lucas, or some one exactly like him.

Anything less than what Star Wars fans have come to expect isn't worth the Special Edition Blu-Rays they will be hocking.

(and those of you that don't think the prequels are as good, keep it to yourself, there is another thread for that)

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