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Originally Posted by Eefluxx View Post
1. This is not a bad game. Quirks and patches and little things aside this is a great game to play. If you liked KOTOR and TSL I highly recommend this game for you. Aside from some WTF Lore moments you will like this game.

5. I know 90% of the guys who play MMO's know that most of the girl toons are actually guys. Doesn't matter they will offer help if you are playing a female toon. As a male Gunslinger noone wanted to join me on Heroics at any time unless A) It was someone I helped out previously and they probably felt guilty or B) After I got a female toon in themix I had them ask for help and suddenly everyone wants to help.
1. I love this game! It's my first MMO, granted, but I could play it for hours and hours on end, which is what I've been basically doing on the weekends. Have to say sometimes I skip the Heroics because I can't find a good group, but otherwise I'm a 'do everything' person.

5. Hmm, I'm female playing a male toon on the Imp side, (ok, that might be unusual but I can't be the only one!) and I've never had this problem yet with my Empire 'boy' but had this problem with my Republic 'girls'. What am I doing wrong?

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