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@: Tommy: My suggestions was for wining votes, not things I'm in favor of. If I was to list how I want the republicans to change, I'd have different suggestions.
Also, on immigration, it might be enough to simply put a "path to citizenship" bill in front of Obama before he can present one himself. Of course this probably won't happen. Sure make the illegals work to get citizenship, but right now, the only thing that has proven effective for keeping them out is a tanking economy.

Originally posted by thejman217 .3) Bring production back to America along with energy independence, and stop exporting jobs to China and other places. Governor Romney is a big fan of this, though he denies it.
There is a reason why every politician say they'll do it but never does, so I'm kinda curious how you want to achieve this without hurting the average american.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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