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It's not that simple. It's not a case of simply playing an audio format. The Special Edition of Monkey Island 2 completely changes the way the music is played in the actual executable file. The original used iMuse, which played digital music and was able to change the way the music played on the fly. In order to simulate this with samples, the team at LucasArts had to specifically record instrumental music in different sounds in order to make it seem like the music is changing as it did in the original version of Monkey Island 2. They had to specifically program the ability to interact with the original scripts to play the right samples at the right time for the special edition. There's no way to repeat this in ScummVM without some major programming work.
ah i see. thanks for the explanation. one thing i don't understand by that explanation however is how scummvm is able to play the music in the se at all? but in sounblaster mode instead of the "mt-32" music that is heard in classic mode? I didn't even think the original soundblaster music even existed in the se? All i hear is the new music in "enhanced" mode or the "mt-32" music in the classic mode. I'm guessing the installer just creates copies of the original files of the game and somehow just gets it to play the voices on top by creating a monster.sou file?

I wish lucasarts just made a decent remake to begin with that allowed you to turn off subtitles in classic mode and edge smooth like scummvm does then we wouldn't have this trouble lol! - a native android port would have been nice too!

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