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How would bringing back production to the U.S. (giving back jobs to the laid off Americans) and making us energy independent (giving back even more jobs) hurt the average American. I'm no politician, but how would it harm us?
Because the tools for doing so tend to hurt the average american. Take the "moving jobs back part". If politicians put a massive toll on foreign goods to bring back production, that'll A:make those goods way more expensive, hurting the average american and B: make the rest of the world retaliate by putting a massive toll on american goods, killing exports. Same applies to most conventional ways of getting jobs back/energy independence.

Oh, and regarding abortion, another reason for keeping the law liberal is that plenty of women will take illegal (and dangerous) abortions if the law is restrictive.

Alright, now for the wishlist.

1: Taxes are a means to an end, not the devil himself. Identify the ends you want then check which taxes you can live with/concede while negotiating with the democrats, because lets face it, if you want to balance the books, you need to do it with one messy compromise.

2: There is no big scientists conspiracy. Scientific consensus is not a perfect guide to the truth, but it's the best we have.

3: The military isn't sacred, an the world is not filled with large foes who plot your destruction. More butter, less guns (or heck less guns lover taxes if that sounds nicer).

4: Keep in mind your own interests in the middle east, put some serious pressure on both Israel and the Palestinians to get a permanent solution to that conflict (and do it before you risk having Israels neighbors turn hostile). Seriously, there are few things as responsible (fairly or not) for Americas problems with other nations and motivating terrorists. This applies to the democrats too.

5: Cut ties with the social conservatives.

6: Point one and two from my first post.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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