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So, where am I now?

Every single line now voiced!
Every single cinematic, including end credits finished!

I've also finished the romance subplot I started on a few months ago. There are three romances for male PCs and three for the females, each with their own little 'date' in a cantina.

Every major bug for the main part of the game is now solved, the only thing I need to iron out all the creases in is the ending, which is being a big pain the bum right now.

The ending comprises of 31 small modules, 6 possible endings and up to ten times that the player character can switch to one of the other companions. Turns out there's a ton of stuff that can go wrong with that. It's not so much the things happening individually, so much as when many of them occur in a short space of time.

There's only a finite amount of things that can need to be fixed though.

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