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I am thrilled to the see the Coles returning to the world of Gloriana for another series of roleplaying adventures, assuming the first goes well . I'm looking forward to the humor and wit, narrative and character driven puzzles, the turn based tactical combat system to puzzle your way through (or avoid entirely). I think it's awesome that Corey's committed to personally porting Hero-U to Linux once it's complete (even though I don't use it), doing so on his own time and without taking any of the funding from the Kickstarter to do it! That shows a level of dedication to the fans and a passion for the project that deserves to be rewarded.

All in all it looks like it'll be a great game, a great start to a new series of a Search for Greatness, and a cool exploration of what it means to be a rogue, to choose the path of heroic scoundrel or selfish thief. The Cole's have my support on this project, can't wait!
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