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cant find a answer

so i have found so many issues that are like the one i seem to be having but none of the fixes seem to be working.

my problem: my game goes to a black screen after i do the first mini sith shooting game the sith come into the ebon hawk i kill them it then loads a black screen where i can here a turret firing if i press my mouse button and i can here music but it will not move on and i cant find a way around the issue.

things i have tryed to fix it
re installed game.
run it in admin mode
compatability mode (xp service pak 2)
replaced mss32.dll file
tryed to use shortcut to start the game and every other exe i can find as well
edit the config file to stop movies, tryed it in windows mode, changed my screen res, and many more options disabled buffering and all kinds of other things,

system info

im playing it on a laptop
amd radeon hd 6310 Graphics Card
windows 7 (64 bit)

game is the SWKOTOR collection edition 2 disks they are v2.2.0.0

the game works great up to the end of the first planet but i just cant get past that point i have been trying to fix this for over a month now please can any one help

thanks you in advance
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