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TSLRCM 1.8.1 issue with black screen, help!

Was having a great time playing kotor 2 when I had just finished Dantooine and boarded the Ebon Hawk, I decided to level my characters before hitting up the next planet and when I went to leave the ship the screen went black. I can leave Dantooine and disembark on other planets it seems but on returning to Dantooine I get the same black screen. Is this a vanilla bug or inherent to tslrcm?

I can sign up for the deadly stream site (official tslrcm help site) but cannot post to ask for help so its fairly useless.

Official patch
TSLRCM 1.8.1
Jedi Temple
Force Fashion II (the two conflicting files were removed)
Movement/animation fix
visual effects TSL
High level force powers
Force powers with Armors
Redhair asian female
sith assassins with sabers
Mandalorian Knights armor mod (yes it has a couple of kreia skins but I removed them and even tried uninstalling this mod completely and nothing changed)

Please, if anyone has any idea whats up let me know!
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