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Anyone have a favorite outfit? I'm slighly underwhelmed by the limited amount of choices and the outfits themselves, to be honest, but I do like the Boston (brown) outfit. Got a few issues with the HUD as well, specifically there's one slot for ranged weapons and traps and the horse whistle? Quite cumbersome. Also, as expected maybe from these type of games, some strange AI behavior. Sometimes you'll see a Patriot fighting a Loyalist and when one kills the other, blames you for it (or maybe that's smart AI, I don't know ).

Other than that, the game has been a blast. I don't really have issue with the side-missions not relating to the main story or being incoherent or whatever. I love that there's so much to do. It's really an amazing game.

Also, more Haytham is awesome. Reached Sequence 10 and the Connor-Haytham relationship has been fun. I'm quite amazed they pulled of the facial expressions, Haytham's expressions always make me smile.

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