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Medieval Conquest CHAPTER 2

As the sun descends down from the sky, the group starts a small camp a few miles off from Goldberg.
As the fires flames rise up, Jordan thinks about his mother, being tortured by the bandits. As these
thoughts flow through his head, Jordan threw a heavy stone at a tree making it rattle, because of
that, a few acorns fall onto the ground. Jordan knew that King William did not really approve of Jordan
leaving his daily job to find his mother. But because of his hard work throughout many years, King William
gave permission to Jordan. As Jordan hears a branch being snapped, he turned around quickly and saw
that it was just a few elites carrying a heavy pig. After walking a few miles from Goldberg, Jordan was
very hungry but he did care for animals, and he would still eat it.

Half an hour later, the crew cuts a few pieces of pig for everyone, Jordan takes out the Bread, butter,
and cheese he bought earlier and saved some for the next morning. As the group eats their dinner, they
leave some guards to watch the camp overnight while the rest sleep. Jordan however, was one of the
people to guard the camp overnight, hoping to find the bandits wandering through the forest. After
watching for hours, Jordan starts to fall asleep, he was trying really hard to keep his eyes open, but before
he knew it he saw a strange woman walking through the forest and fell asleep suddenly.

The following morning, Jordan found himself sleeping on a few leaves with a slight headache. As Jordan gets
up, he stumbles to get his balance while the elites start to pack up for another journey. Jordan thought about
the woman he saw guarding the camp last night, he knew it was not his mother but he wondered why she was
wandering around the forest at night. Leaving the thought for later, he leaves the area with the group and
continues the journey.

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