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I have released a portion of my story content, a new merchant on Onderon that sells armor and saber crystals mainly.

He has custom dialog voiced by me and will fight hostile crowds if they emerge.

My next mod will add a new merchant to Nar Shaddaa that has all the HK parts (the mod will be "Easy Access to HK Parts + New Merchant").

Because the Onderon merchant's implementation is relatively simple, an idea started to develop for me that I am now moving on. I will be creating a mod that allows this merchant to be recruited at the end of Onderon. He will replace HK-47 (because HK is kind of an optional character and in my last playthrough I wasn't able to repair him because I couldn't get enough parts), and will be fully voiced. I'll try to add some cutscenes with him included, probably talking to T3 or the Exile, or doing something independently.

Hopefully I can add lots of dialog with him and I will be making him a combat tank as well, because adding a wimpy character would be pointless and a powerful character would make the recruiting (which is optional) more worthwhile.

I'll post more as I'm able to, I've only just started out making this recruit mod so it'll probably be a few weeks before it's ready.

I also have a question about his appearance: he will be wearing K1 Iridorian NPC armor, but what color should it be? I have redone the texture of this armor to be higher quality (the original is actually named "N_spaceman_low for low quality); the original color from the K1 NPC is yellow, my current version of the merchant is silver, but I can do any color including white and black. Maybe white would be cool? Or yellow or silver? Maybe a combination of two colors? Let me know.

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