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TOR ate my KotOR
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I still haven't used a healer that much with any of my toons. My first toon was a healer, so using fishboy had no practical purpose. My trooper was leveled with Lynk, everything died too fast to use a healer. My agent has self heals, my shadow used the healer some, but stuff died way faster with 2 dps, so I quit using him when I got Nadia.

I just got Doc too on my knight, been using him just to help get his affection up to help with crewskills (already have T7-01 and Kira at 100%). Doc CC’s everything, so he is useful as his CC opens up a break big damage ability for Sentinel, but playing as a female knight Doc is kind of annoying. Much prefer Kira’a killing to Doc’s healing.

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