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Ackbar Medbay

I'm looking forward to talking to him when he wakes up. I want him to let me know what happened on the ground after I was knocked out.

Tariq nodded, "Yes ma'am. I'll organize an escort of myself to the Death's Head with you and the LT."

I think Onashi is right about her.

Tariq chuckled, "I'll agree with that ma'am."


Not all of us will fight to the death. I much prefer living instead of death by blaster or lightsaber. If I had continued fighting, there is no chance I would have survived.

Scatty looked at the Dark Jedi. She had to admit that he had a smart way of thinking things even if he was on the wrong side. "So you prefer to save your skin?"


I was thinking that we could try and take them by surprise or we could try and knock them out with grenades.

Jun-la considered the idea. She then said, "If you have flash bangs, we could stun them and then launch an attack. We would give back up for Valek. Priority is the child though."

Ebon Hawk

Andros was busy maintaining the Ebon Hawk in orbit near the station. He needed to be ready for when his master gave the call. It was then he picked up a ship or rather a shuttle sized craft. He scanned it and he didn't like what he picked up. He called back, "Jedi Alriana I got a Sith shuttle on approach."

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