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((Where are Alkonium and LDR?))

En route to Shuttle Bay

Belina looked around the damaged corridors of the Ackbar and sighed heavily. She had requested the Ackbar as her flagship when she had first become an Admiral. The ship had been scheduled to be decomissioned when she had first seen it. It had been in bad shape but Belina had been optamistic that it could be repaired. Despite the offers of better, newer ships she had still stuck by the Ackbar and turned it into the flagship of the Republic Fleet and later, the Resistance Flagship.

"As soon as we're done here I plan on taking the Ackbar to a nice drydock so she can get fully repaired. I feel bad for this ship, it seems shes been taking a constant beating since Coruscant fell."

Belina ran a hand alongside the wall as she was pushed along towards the shuttle bay with Onashi behind her. "My crew and I put alot of work into this ship, and all it takes is one battle to nearly destroy all that we worked for."

"I'll agree with that ma'am."

Belina muttered under her breath as they finally arrived at the shuttle bay and they were ushered into the shuttle bay.

She turned to look at one of the crewmembers who was nearby. "Tell Garja that I was all department heads ready for a meeting when I get back. I'll try to give you some advance warning before I get back."


"So you prefer to save your skin?"

"If you prefer to say it that way then yes, I would prefer to save my own skin. I expect I'll live a longer life as a POW then as a Sith apprentice. Besides, I would much rather not have to look over my back all the time in case one of my fellow sith attempted to kill me."


"If you have flash bangs, we could stun them and then launch an attack. We would give back up for Valek. Priority is the child though."

"Understood." Xandros said as he pulled out a flash bang. "Ready on your command."

Ebon Hawk

"Jedi Alriana I got a Sith shuttle on approach."

Alriana paused for a moment on the gun turrent she was on and a horrified expression appeared on her face. It's that Cathar dark jedi again! How did he find his way here?!

"We have a situation." She turned and looked at Kalla. "This isn't good. I think I know who is piloting that shuttle and if I'm right we need to capture it or stop it from reaching the station."

She turned the guns towards the shuttle and began firing at the engines only to see a shield appeared.

"Stop it at all costs!"

Sith Shuttle

Varith felt the shuttle shake as it's shields continued to absorb the quadlasers hitting it. Now that he had had time to think he was able to recognize the force signature aboard the freighter.

It's that Jedi from the Ackbar...Is it possible they got my message? That they are here to rescue my daughter?

He opened up an open comn channel so that hopefully the freighter would hear his transmission. "I mean you no harm. All I wish is to do is dock with the station."
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