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A short while later
Outside Republic HQ

As the speeders pulled up next to the Republic base of operations Zarev couldn't help but think of the warning her had recieved from his Master. How could something be worse than the Emperor? The sith have killed so many in his name...

A republic trooper pointed his rifle at the group. "Halt! Identify yourself!"

Zarev shook his head as he pulled out his ID chip. "Jedi Knight Zarev. We have been dispatched on a mission by the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic."

"I have urgent information for Grand Master Shan and I need access to a secure comn station."

The trooper paused for a moment.

"I'm...Sorry Jedi Zarev but I cannot allow you access to this facility. We have an important meeting going on right now between the Republic and the Balmorran resistance."

Zarev turned to look at the assembled group behind and shrugged before turning back to look at the trooper. "I am going to get in, one way or another. Master Shan needs to know this."
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