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Per'dra Yllari slapped her hands over her mouth to keep from bursting into laughter. You've got to be kidding me! Of COURSE the Republic is going to care if we "run one of its troopers through", even if we blame it on wandering Flesh Raiders! Out loud, however, she merely said, "Hold." She beamed a beatific smile at the trooper. "We're on a mission for the Grand Master, and since we're highly-trusted Jedi, this can't wait." She fixed him with a stare.

"This cannot wait," the trooper said as if he were a protocol droid - and not a particularly-intelligent one at that. "This cannot wait. You may pass." He flicked a switch on a panel next to the door, and everyone bolted through as fast as they possibly could. Per'dra turned to Zarev and winked.

"Nothing like using a Jedi Mind Trick, at least for a noble cause. Move out!"
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