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Really? Great..! Are you trying to stay with the original concept designs or are you modelling new designs? Cause I hate the vanilla looking of the sonic blasters.. they look like swans/ducks...
I'm mostly using the same general shape, however with nicer details and better appearance (more streamlined, cleaner, less bulky, scopes that make sense, more diverse etc.). If you're interested, check out my thread, i did plenty. (Oh, and there's a few pending updates too. Just forgot to post them.)

I also did after a few designs I saw in graphic novels and sourcebooks, and some of them are my own. The emphasis though was on replacing the old, more than making new stuff. That's for another time.

I'm more of a '3d fabricator' than a '3d modeller', meaning I prefer to construct things from reference, blueprints or schematics rather than to design stuff of my own.
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