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I saw a lot I agree with and am glad so many classics made it. There are some that make me scratch my head.

The 70's:

Oregon Trail. Yes, I remember that. Even as an elementary schooler in the early 90's because the newfangled macintosh was only beginning to make headway and we all had to start learning typing on the Apple II and such. We all fought over whose turn it was to play on the mac.

I didn't realize it qualified as an RPG, so this one was the first RPG I ever played and/or beat. I was one of the few 5th graders in my school who actually managed to beat it. I attribute it to my parents teaching me about money management since I was 4, and a bit of trial and error plus some development on a few skills IRL referred to in the game.

Games from that period like Asteroids, Breakout, and Pong, were kind of difficult to miss. Arcade booths as well as friends whose dads had Atari made this available.

The next decade: Again, arcades were to thank primarily for exposure to
Defender, Pac-Man. Galaga...Still play today on arcade and own it as part of namco museum for GBA. At one point spent enough time and money, and continues that I made it to mid 50s levels. That is nearly the full cycle of level patterns twice around.

Played Pitfall! and frogger on atari.

Despite familiarity with the wolfenstein series, I never played any of them.

Donkey Kong...My first exposure was to that 101 level DK '94 for the game boy and that sparked a near obsessive interest for some time in the rest of DK. Eventually came to play one arcade version. Bought a cartridge dual compatible for Atari and Sears arcade.

Centipede and similar knockoffs on various systems are my exposure here.

Initially had the sequel to Lode Runner for Mac Performa 6300CD. Played it finally on a friend's inherited old mac. I suspect was at least somewhat an inspiration for the NES game Wrecking Crew. In fact, LR Returns seems to take a page from WC's flattery. WC had a memory space for 4 custom levels; LR Returns responded in kind with their own custom level feature.

Tetris...just about everyone has played in some form or another.

Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, Mega Man, The Legend of Zelda, Punch-Out!!!, Contra, and Metroid...All staples of the NES era. Have them all. You don't at least know these and you're in your late 20's, you missed out.

Next Decade:
Street Fighter 2, the one game my dad played and beat before I did.

...SimCity2000 is on there but not the original? WTF? Bah, whatever.

Doom, Chrono Trigger, and sonic. All familiar but never owned. Only played sonic. Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy 7, Ever Quest. Never played but knew of them well. Heard of Prince of Persia, and agree its place is well earned.

Mortal Kombat. Played first one, own the trilogy game for N64.

Mario64 definitely deserved to be on there. As did Star Craft.

Did not play goldeneye007, but own its followup on the same engine Perfect Dark. Made the N64 IMO. Definitely see why it's on the list.

Next decade...OK, Diablo 2 is on the list but 1 isn't? Wow.

Have The Sims. Still in plastic wrapping. Bought a few yars ago at yard sale.

GTA3 is definitely well placed. This series took the same carnage that drew me to Twisted Metal a step further.

And because it is so relevant:
Show spoiler

Have not played any Metroid Primes. Can't say for sure if it deserved to be on there.

HL2...I have orange box. Definitely deserves to be on the list. Same with Portal.

Interested in BioShock. Never played.

KOTOR definitely should be on there...But no TSL?!

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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