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"We are here because Kif is badly injured and requires medical attention. Or have you forgotten? If you have a problem with this mission feel free to take it up with me after Kif gets medical care!"

Corsail scowled Zarev, "And have you forgotten the reason Kif is in this condition is because one of our own crew?"

He let out a short sigh, "I just don't think we should stay here too long, if Kif is going to have to stay for awhile we need to leave him here and continue the mission. We can alway pick him back up after they fix him up."

"Corsail, you're really making me want to drive a spike through your head.",

"Why don't you just try it? I'm sick of you and your stupid jedi code that you don't even follow! I wish every jedi would just drop-" He cut himself off.

"Nevermind, i'm going outside to see if I can patch up that speeder." He left the outpost and walked up to the busted speeder, he could barely see anything because of how dark it was, but he tried to make a few minor repairs anyway.

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