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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
The Agent seems nice, but since my rep char is a smuggler, I figured I'd go for something different, however, if the agent story is far superior to the others, I'll go for it.
The inquisitor seems like it should be great too, except all the quests have been kinda meh until lvl 15 at least.
Annoyingly enough it seems like I can't buy more slots (unless I subscribe) which makes this decision far more "final" than I thought. Now I'll be stuck with whatever I pick until I'm done with the story (and once I'm done with the story deleting that char is going to be rather painful).
Without having played but having a friend who got to beta test...I would personally say Bounty Hunter because it is somewhat open-ended as you don't *have to* be a mandalorian. Also as far as I can tell you can just get right on in on the play action. This partially confirmed by multiple friends of mine.

Understand that to my main friend IRL, all force adept classes are cliche in his view anyway, basically for the same reason you listed in your OP. My other RL friends aren't all big SW fans, they're just here for the sake of playing it. Still, he liked inquisitor and consular better, whereas most people here say their stories were okay but not as exciting as their melee oriented counterparts.

Opinions, opinions. Everyone has them.

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