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Originally Posted by Q View Post
AMD's Bulldozer, launched late last year, was just as disappointing as the original Phenom. It was actually slower than Phenom II in anything but massively multi-threaded applications that took advantage of all 8 of its cores, as well as being power-hungry and hot. Piledriver, Bulldozer's replacement, is a marginal improvement that brings IPC performance back up to Phenom II's level, and, while still power-hungry, it doesn't seem to have Bulldozer's heat issues. IPC is still way behind Intel's, though, resulting in AMD's resorting to using higher clockspeeds in an effort to close the performance gap, much like Intel did with the Pentium 4.
Hm. That is considerable. So THAT is why they use higher clock speeds. Always heard they were faster because they were less efficient at processing. Still if there's one thing that kills any electronic part fast through normal operation, it's heat.

I bet a computer core will never match an IGBT for heat dissipation, though. Conventional ones at least.

So, it falls short of everything else besides multitasking?

Here's a comparison of Piledriver and Intel's latest, Ivy Bridge, running at roughly the same clockspeed (the AMD turbos higher), showing the Intel architecture's clear advantage while using a lot less power. Note that while Piledriver has 8 physical cores, Ivy Bridge only has 4, but can run 4 more simultaneous threads (for a total of 8) through the use of hyper-threading.
Hm. Wow. Falls quite short.

Well, I was more thinking along the lines of AMD FX-8150 Vs Core i5 either 2500K or 3570K. Wasn't aware there were 2 more AMD processors even higher. Which is making the competition between processors+mobos all the more difficult for me.

On top of all that, due to, very poor management (IMO), AMD has been hemorrhaging money for several years, and I don't know how much longer they're going to stay afloat. It's all very sad, because it was pretty cool to see the little guy challenge and then smite the giant in the early 2000s, only to then become complacent and get his rear handed to him.
Eesh. I hate the monopolitsitc corporatist practices of intel with vendors. So anti competitive, paying them more not to sell any other products but theirs.

Still, yeah. So I guess it's doubtful they'll recover. I wasn't aware it had quite come to blows like this.

As for my future dream machine it's a standoff. Though I think I already know what everyone will say. I'm in the red and will be hurting for awhile but have a little wiggle room. (cheaping out is biasing my views a bit I'll admit, though not that much where the difference is $20-40)

So I'm eying up making my first plunge towards a new rig. Won't be a whole system.

Intel side--

Mobo: MSI Z77A-GD65
Processors under consideration are the aforementioned core i5s 2500K and the only marginally more expensive 3570K.

AMD side--

Mobos: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX AMD AM3+ TUF
Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 AM3+
Processors under consideration are AMD FX-8150, and now FX-8320 and FX-8350.

Will use that site (which has thus far proven valuable) to plot out performance differences but for now I think I'll sleep on it and have thanksgiving before quite possibly making the move on black friday...

While OCing is always a distant possibility, I'll more than likely be undervolting it and adding S*** loads of ram so it will last a long time and I'll be sitting pretty for years. So longevity with performance. Also I won't necessarily be after pretty. The monitor I plan on getting is BenQ, known for its lightning fast refresh.

Here's what I'll be using it for:

Gaming (so far): Valve engine games (orange box, L4d 1&2, counter strike), SWTOR, JK outcast and academy, street fighter 4, and some others both new and old
-Video editing, photo editing, graphics. Art touchups.
-programming microcontrollers (think parallax, arduino, PIC)
-General internet browsing, though no visiting sites of questionable repute on THIS machine. I'll keep the other one for that.
Component lookups, patent research, project lookups.
Electronic CAD of sorts.
PCB design (printed circuit borad) once I get a laser printer and an appropriate UV light.
-Some minor 3d modeling. (Is there anything better than GMAX that doesn't cost what 3ds max coasts?)
-music, video, dvd, multimedia
-Audio editing

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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