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Lightbulb The Star Wars Saga in Machete order (IV, V, II, III, VI)

It's a year old, yes... but if you're not aware of it like I wasn't only a few minutes ago, what this guy is suggesting is actually quite brilliant.

Instead of release order (4 to 6 then 1 to 3) or episode order (1 to 6), the "Machete order" says to watch...

Episode 4 and 5, then jump to 2 and 3 and then finally watch 6.

His reasoning in his entry are pretty damn good and I'm actually going to watch the movies in that order right now just to see how well it works... my nephew hasn't seen any of the Star Wars movies and isn't aware of any of the secrets it holds... so maybe this is a good way of introducing Star Wars to him... I mean, there's no way you can show him the series in episode order, it ruins the big surprise in ESB... and showing him the release order isn't gonna cut it cause all of the good stuff was at the start and then all you have left is backstory movies which don't really go anywhere.

Maybe this is the new way to enjoy Star Wars for the new generation. |

Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 coming soon...
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