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Originally Posted by scramjetbooster View Post
It gives me 503 - Service Unavailable: Server is Overloaded... lol
Originally Posted by duster View Post
Hapens to me too.Retry to go to filefront if not try opening the site in a new tab.Sometimes even during cloak you can't see screenshots and download so keep tryng in new tab.And if it still doesn't want to then you must wait a while.
As far as I can tell, the problem seems to be on Filefront/Gamefront's side, regarding IP addresses. The solution seems to be to change your browsing IP address, which is what we're doing by using incloak.

Now, incloak still works for me, but for those of you whom it's not working: try use different proxies.
I have gone through a lot of them, and nothing works as well as incloak for Filefront (most of them did not fix the problem at all, or had other ones), but I did find these, which worked for me:
Note 1: If the proxies have the option available, allow cookies and scripts.
Note 2: You'll usually have to click the direct download link on the Gamefront download page ("Your download will begin in a few seconds.
If it does not, click here.").
Note 3: If you want to try more proxies, try the list from
Note 4: Check the filesize of the download: If it's 0 bytes or something like that, the download is not working.
Note 5: When using free proxies, there are often a lot of ads, so I recommend using an addon for your browser to block ads and popups, such as AdBlock for Chrome, or Adblock Plus for Firefox. Or of course, you could leave them as is; proxy sites, like any other site, use adspace to pay for their server costs.

Now, when you download from Filefront/Gamefront using these proxies, there is an extra step involved: When downloading, it will download a file called "browse.php" (or in the case of blewpass, "download"). Note the size of the downloads - they are actually the files you want, but just renamed. Once it finishes downloading, you have to find it on your computer, and rename it to the proper filename.

On the Filefront mod info page, you'll find the mod's filename at the top of the page. Pay attention to the extension, especially (.zip, .rar, .exe, etc). In theory, all you need to do is get the extension right, and the downloaded file will work, but for practicality reasons, it's a good idea to name it properly with the full filename (e.g. if you leave them all as "", it will become very hard to know which file is which).

So basically, to recap:

1. Follow the steps in my previous post, but using a proxy other than incloak.
2. After downloading, rename the file from "browse.php" or "download" to the actual filename, found on the Filefront mod info page.
3. Install/use mod as normal

Hope this helps.

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