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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
TPM never happened. Besides, the best part of TPM is already completely ruined by this:

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YouTube Video

...and the Plinkett reviews lol, not that TPM needed help to be ruined since it did it itself. So it really has no redeeming qualities. Ignore it for the better and live a longer life because of it.

Been watching the movies in the machete order... it actually does make quite a bit of sense, I'm definitely trying to order with people new to Star Wars.
LOL, I've seen that before but if I expected realism in movie fight scenes then none of them would be watchable . Not to mention it's arguably the best duel in the saga. I guess I'll have to tack it on at the end as "bonus" material.

I do loathe the podracing scene. Way too long.

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