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In lieu of Exile007 starting a release thread over in TUCE, I'll inform you all that the beta of the GenoHaradan mmod is now up over at Deadly Stream. Before I give the link, I'll quote some information from Exile007 regarding his mod.

So I heavily overestimated the amount of free time I would possess in college (meaning I estimated I would have some free time, but in reality, it turned out to be closer to none). I don't think I can say that "this mod will be done when it's done" because I've really done a lot of modding over the last five years, and a lot of my projects are half-completed. This one I can say is more than half-completed, but it's still sort of rough. I've taken what little progress I've made since the first round of beta testing and submitted it as a download here. That way anyone who wants to see the GenoHaradan encounter played out can see it. Forgive me if it doesn't live up to your expectations. The mod is still considered a "beta", so it probably still has some bugs. I may decide one day that I want to finish this and make it TSLRCM compatible (oh god the work!), but this way some form of the mod is out there.

I have included all of my source code, should someone desire to make the mod compatible with TSLRCM. You can also PM me, but don't count on an immediate response. :P

I (Exile007) give my permission for the contents of the GenoHaradan mod to be altered, enhanced, or whatever as long as I am cited as the original author of the mod and credited as such.

You can just copy and paste that in your readme if you want to tweak the mod and release it.

I wish I could have stayed with this long enough to complete it to the very end, but hey, this is better than nothing right?

*ducks to avoid Internet haters*

Btw there was never any team (other than Beta Testers). Just me and a lot of free time. Unfortunately college kidnapped free time, so I was lost. :P
Folks using TSLRCM or using many other content mods should keep the above in mind before installing.


The GenoHaradan beta 0.9

Those wishing to contact me, please do so using Deadly Stream's PM system. I am rarely on this site anymore.

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