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Originally Posted by battle111 View Post
Does anyone has a copy of these mods l can't find them anywere were l can download them!!!

1.Darth Malak's robes for k1 and tsl(if possible)
2.Darth Revan's robes 4.0 version for k1
3.Clone wars items for tsl
4.sith Saber sounds for tsl and k1
5.flickering lightsaber blades for kotor and tsl
6.Bastila head mode for tsl
7.Green grass on dantooine mod
8.Darth Revan on dantooine mod
9. elite dark jedi robes
10.exar kun's tomb
11.Long sabers mod for tsl and k1
12.Carth and mission jedi
13.Temple mod for k1
14.Darth Nihilus robes
15.improved malak and improved nihilus mods style lighsaber hilts mod for kotor and tsl(if posible)

Please l can't find them anywere l'm trying to download them all week
Which one of the Bastila head mods are you looking for as there are 2 or 3 for TSL? I think I have the movie style lighsaber hilts mod for kotor. If I have them I'll pm to you.

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