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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I'm not. I just think it's childish and selfish to make people avoid a movie just because one doesn't like it (specially a Star Wars movie). Let them judge for themselves.
I guess you're absolutely right, I mean, I should have them watch The Clone Wars series too (both), I'm also forgetting the fact that people can't actually think for themselves and say "you know what, I think I'll watch that other movie too after seeing the five that I did", no one is going to do that, all they'll ever do is watch those 5 movies I specifically showed them because I am the keeper of the Star Wars movies, none shall watch anywhere in the entire world unless I say so! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! AAAAAAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!! Yes, I am that childish and selfish. Don't watch TPM everyone! DON'T WATCH IT EVER!! I SAID SO!

Seriously though, there are a lot of people who would only have people watch the remastered version of the OT or the despecialized versions you can find on the net and skip the PT entirely, I'm not childishly and selfishly trying to get people to avoid TPM no matter the cost, I'm trying to enhance the viewing experience people have when they watch Star Wars for the first time, and after viewing the movies in this order, I think there's a certain logic that goes into it that really works for the first time viewer in today's age, especially with the changes made to the movies over the years. |

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