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Can you please put a warning on the HQ Movie patch, I found out after watching it slowly download at 80kb/s for 4 hours that, while it DOES replace the low resolution bik files with high resolution ones. The video will still be played at 640x480 unless your monitor can support a MINIMUM of BOTH 1600 width and 1200 height. My monitor is 1920x1080, and since 1080 is less than 1200, it just scales it down to the small resolution, it doesn't shrink it to make it fit, no, it goes all the way down to 640x480.
I will say that the audio quality is increased obviously, that isn't affected by the resolution.
So I'm sure many would appreciate it if you let them know that unless they have a monitor that fits those requirements, the files really aren't worth getting just for the audio.
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