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- Palpatine rising to power is a non-issue, he's Chancellor and the Republic he's leading is falling apart, that's all that really matters when you begin AotC... the plot twist being that he is the one who is doing it all, as we all know.

- The "chosen one" plot beginning is lost, agreed, though not a movie-breaking loss considering Syfodias managed to create an entire plot point on his own with the total existence of the Clone Army without having ever existing in the movies until he is mentioned in AotC. Anakin's past as a slave and his mother is another loss, yes.

- Anakin being denied is already played out in AotC and RotS, no loss, just slightly different motivational structure through his own arrogance rather than his own belief as the chosen one.

- Anakin's background comes from ANH and ESB, it's not bland at all.

- ESB didn't actually have lines relating to who Luke, Leia and Han were, it took the RotS route of assuming you knew who these characters were. There are a lot of very key lines in the opening of AotC which give exposition as to who these people are and how they relate to each other which ESB does not have.

- The events of TPM tell of a Republic that is being destabilised due to a dark force acting in the background. The events of AotC tell of a Republic that is being destabilised due to a dark force acting in the background. And yes, those two sentences were intentional.

- Not all concepts need to be explicitly explained, again, the destabilisation of the Republic doesn't need to be reiterated twice in two different ways.

- It's incomplete with TPM in the mix too... That's why we should all be FORCED to watch both series of the Clone Wars from start to finish in timeline order |

Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 coming soon...
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