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Hmm. Well, I can give you some ideas. My brain is bleh of late so I'm having trouble remembering every track that might be relevant to your query. Still, I'll list bands that can give the feel.

There's some good bands on the ozzfest 2003 sampler.
Dimmu borgir, grade 8, nothingface, motograter, and a few others.

Cradle of filth, cannibal corpse, kalmah, norther, deicide, amon amarth.

Venom. Anthrax. GWAR. Marylin Manson.

Hated as they are, even ICP has a couple tracks, killing fields, 12.

Quiet Riot, Metal Health, Battle Axe (inst.), and possibly a few other tracks. (Have not checked out condition critical album...don't know if it's any better than their other albums)

Classics like grateful dead and black sabbath. I mean, especially with black sabbath it's hard to go wrong with hand of doom. Rat Salad. Electric Funeral--essentially the dead after nuclear fallout.

Ozzy had some others like bloodbath in paradise on the "no rest for the wicked" album.

Iron maiden had some tracks IIRC.

If you want, I can try to find some horror tracks and some horror music I have on some CDs, rip their tracks and upload to a sharing site.

Just throwing out ideas.

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