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I've come across this already, but k_sp1_generic.nss just gives me:

//:: k_sp1_generic
    Runs all force powers in the game
//:: Created By: Preston Watamaniuk
//:: Copyright (c) 2002 Bioware Corp.

#include "k_inc_debug"
#include "k_inc_force"
void main()
Digging further within that, the "meat" appears to be in k_inc_force.nss, but I'm still having trouble determining the parameters to use for P1-P5 and the String param from that. For instance, if I wanted to drain life, here's what it shows:

            SWFP_HARMFUL = TRUE;
            int nDam = GetHitDice(OBJECT_SELF);
            int nDamTest = GetHitDice(OBJECT_SELF);
            if(nDamTest > 10)
                nDamTest = 10;

            // DJS-OEI 3/25/2004
            SWFP_DAMAGE = Sp_CalcDamage( oTarget, nDamTest, 4 );
            //SWFP_DAMAGE = d4(nDamTest);
            //Set up the drain effect link for the target
            effect eBeam = EffectBeam(VFX_BEAM_DRAIN_LIFE, OBJECT_SELF, BODY_NODE_HAND);
            effect eVFX = EffectVisualEffect(SWFP_DAMAGE_VFX);
            //Set up the link to Heal the user by the same amount.
            effect eHeal;
            effect eDamage = EffectDamage(SWFP_DAMAGE, DAMAGE_TYPE_DARK_SIDE);

            ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, eBeam, oTarget, fLightningDuration);
            DelayCommand(0.3, ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eVFX, oTarget));

            int nResist = Sp_BlockingChecks(oTarget, eDamage, eInvalid, eInvalid);

            SignalEvent(oTarget, EventSpellCastAt(OBJECT_SELF, GetSpellId(), SWFP_HARMFUL));
            if(GetRacialType(oTarget) != RACIAL_TYPE_DROID)
                if(nResist == 0)
                    int nSaves = Sp_MySavingThrows(oTarget);
                    if(nSaves > 0)
                        SWFP_DAMAGE /= 2;
                    eDamage = EffectDamage(SWFP_DAMAGE,  DAMAGE_TYPE_DARK_SIDE);
                    if(GetCurrentHitPoints(OBJECT_SELF) < GetMaxHitPoints(OBJECT_SELF) && SWFP_DAMAGE > 0)
                        eHeal = EffectHeal(SWFP_DAMAGE);
                        ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eHeal, OBJECT_SELF);
                    ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eDamage, oTarget);
                    ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, EffectForceFizzle(), OBJECT_SELF);
Are the parameters I need for P1-P5 in there somewhere? I assumed one parameter I'd need would be from the spells.2da file. I've seen other scripts use the row or name for P1. If this holds true here, for Drain Life, this would be either 15 or 274, respectively. Assuming P1 is used for the force power, then I also assumed the delay, duration, etc. would be used in the P2-P5 parameters. These were my assumptions, but nothing I've tried thus far has worked, so that's why I'm trying to dig into the scripts and seek some help from the forums.

Sorry, I'm very new to this! Any clues I should be looking for?

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