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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Agent: everyone says good story, but until lvl 15 I have mainly been fighting small fires for the higher ups, and protecting an empire as ridiculous as it is evil isn't the best motivation.
Also, I want to spot on that. As someone who doesn't care for the "Forcies"(my only 2 characters are Trooper and Agent, no desire to play Jedi/Sith), I loved how from the very start, particularly once you got to Dromund Kaas, you were feeling pretty annoyed and resentful of the Sith.

Nal Hutta Agent story spoilers:
Show spoiler

And on Dromund Kaas, Imperial Intelligence, as per their location codex entry and some of the initial conversations when you get to Intelligence HQ on DK, spends half their time cleaning up after meddlesome Sith who attack first and never ask questions. It's this sense of resentment from having to clean up after the Sith where you get a real sense that the Sith are the worst part of the Empire, keeping it from being truly civilized. As a Light Agent, I love that feeling of sticking up for the little guys who make the Imperial civilization tick but get pushed down and bullied because they can't shoot lightning and don't have red glowsticks.

At times I get the feeling that the Empire could ally with the Republic if it weren't for the angry religious zealots at the top, including the Emperor himself. There's a few things I feel I could say to back up that feeling, but I'm not going to delve into late game Agent spoilers, nor just the general shape of the galaxy after everyone's class stories, so I'll leave it at that.

Long story short is that I don't like the Sith, and the Agent story satisfies that sentiment I feel, with the added bonus of feeling heroic when I stand up for the oppressed Imperial civilians who are being crushed beneath the foot of their malevolent theocratic ruling class.

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