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Originally Posted by Q View Post
There was a huge internet drama about the two patches a few years back, where, supposedly, the modders of True patch had stolen files from the Unofficial patch. That's not supposed to be the case, now, but the whole thing left me soured towards the "True" patch to the point that I won't even consider using it.

The Unofficial patch's "basic" option makes the True patch irrelevant, anyway.
Although I don't intend on bringing that here(I wasn't really involved with it anyway), but it doesn't help how the author of the True Patch acts. He seems to consider the UP a mod, even if any patch for a game can be considered such.

I might've considered using the True patch back when I first bought the game(around '09), but at that point I wasn't sure about the UP either(I wasn't sure how much it changed, although I wasn't worried about the same things some would be). At this point, I'm fine with the UP.

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