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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
I stick with the official 1.2

Yup, and that coming from one of the TSLRCM guys. Crazy, huh?
Not too crazy. Although there is a difference between the two games. TSL is built with a stable engine, and the crashes are either random, or caused by conflicts with mods(I wouldn't say K1 is exempt, since I've had it crash randomly as well). Bloodlines, however, was built with an early version of the Source engine, which obviously isn't the same version that was used in the released version of Half-Life 2.

As for the patch/restoration efforts, for TSL, it is dicey, since most of the effort was little to none(although most around here are well aware of that). For Bloodlines, the patch has been developed for quite some time.

Although the main point might be the bugfixes, something else the UP does is restore things that wasn't implemented in the game, though most of this is in the Plus version. The Blood Heal discipline for instance(uses blood from the bloodpool to restore health), among other things.

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