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The problem I see with that order is that it's constantly skipped back and forth from OT era and PT era.

It also ends up establishing Sidious/Palpatine too early for him to remain this mysterious force in the background that he is in ESB. I also think Anakin would be introduced too early as too. Up till ESB, I feel that people should only know Darth Vader and not know anything about Anakin Skywalker until they find out that Vader is Luke's father and actually was Anakin Skywalker to begin with because it actually gives the excuse to have that flashback between ESB and RotJ.

The best thing about having the PT "flashback" after ESB is that at the end of ESB, are heroes' are at their lowest point while at the end of ANH, they're on top of the world. That big gab between ESB and RotJ with AotC and RotS increases the anticipation of RotJ so they can see how the OT heroes' finally face down the result of the dark things that happened in the past.

So yeah, the biggest key factor as to the order from every way I look at it is that the contents of ESB must be guarded as much as possible and to reveal Anakin Skywalker's true nature after the fact, not before. |

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