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Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this game, 10 outta 10 if ya ask me. I thought the story was phenomenal, the gameplay was very fluid, and I loved the naval missions. The only thing though is all the glitches, Iíve never played a new game with that many problems (I got it for Xbox) Iíve downloaded both updates and things still go wrong. I wonder if people even tested the game. The combat system has improved immensely, before you could just counter your way to victory, in this game you had to actually think about it. I never died in a fight in Brotherhood or Revelations, but in this one I sure did.

Desmondís story: Well, there certainly was more of him than the previous games. But of course Desmondís always seemed lacking somehow. But I did like how they finished out his story.

Connor: Altair was driven by duty, Ezio was driven by revenge, but Connor fought simply because it was the right thing to do, and thatís why, in my opinion, heís better than all of Ďem. Iíve heard a lot of people say how Noah Watts gave a poor performance as Connor, but I could not disagree more. I could hear the emotion in his voice, the pain and the anger he felt. You could tell Connor cared deeply for his people and the cause for which he fought. I also loved that when Connor was amongst his people or in his village they spoke the language, which I think is simply beautiful.

I loved how Ubisoft presented the history and the fact that they chose a Native American as a protagonist, which is something we rarely see. And set during the American Revolution? I donít think that has ever been done before, something very risky but I believe they pulled it off even with all the criticisms they received. I also really liked how they made you think, at least they did me. Things like: the patriots might be fighting for freedom but most of them own slaves, they might be fighting for equality but if you arenít a white male youíre considered less important or a lesser being.
And the plot twist? Phew! This game was really good, Iím gonna buy every DLC, expansion pack, what have ya.

And well, Connor is a sexy beastÖÖ.

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