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Originally Posted by Q View Post
There was a huge internet drama about the two patches a few years back, where, supposedly, the modders of True patch had stolen files from the Unofficial patch. That's not supposed to be the case, now, but the whole thing left me soured towards the "True" patch to the point that I won't even consider using it.

The Unofficial patch's "basic" option makes the True patch irrelevant, anyway.
Yes, I learned of this whole issue when looking into patches for the game. I did not know about the file-stealing, however.
The True Patch community seems like a rather unsavoury bunch; a quick look on their forum yielded examples of extreme slander against the creator of the Unofficial Patch. I'm not aware of the whole situation, or if the slander was warranted (there wouldn't be many cases where it would be), but it was all rather distasteful.

By then, I had already installed and been using the True Patch and couldn't be bothered uninstalling it and replacing with the Unofficial Patch (which would have likely required me to start a new character as well).

In any case, I care little for the people of the creators of the True Patch or whatever drama they might have been involved with; their product is good, so I'll use it.

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