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Is there any way I can make the KotOR II HQ movies patch work on a 1920x1080 monitor?

Hey everyone,

I started to replay KotOR II yet again, and among the many mods and patches I have installed is the official patch that makes all the game's cutscenes 1600x1200. I know this problem has come up many times, but I couldn't find a solution. Apparently, unless your monitor is able to support a resolution of 1600x1200 or higher, the movies default back to a resolution of 640x480. Since 1080 is obviously less than 1200, I, too, have to deal with horrible 640x480 cutscenes.

Has anyone found a way to fix this? Can I force the cutscenes to play in 1920x1080 somehow? Or even at a resolution that's lower than 1920x1080 as long as it's better than 640x480? Or can I convert the 1600x1200 files to 1920x1080? If anyone knows of a solution, it would be a huge improvement. The cutscenes are almost pointless at 640x480 on my monitor.

Edit: On a related note, whenever I play a cutscene, there's a noticeable delay wherein the game fades to black, causing me to miss the first couple of seconds of cutscenes. It also happens when the cutscene ends (i.e. fades to black, takes a couple seconds before I'm back in-game, so characters could start talking while I'm waiting for the black screen to end). Any ideas on causes and how to fix it?

Edit 2: I used the RAD Video Tools to convert a file (PerMov02.bik, originally in 1600x680 according to RADVT) to 1920x1080, played the cutscene in-game and it seemed to work. I'll just have to batch convert them now, which could take a couple hours, but when it's done all of the cutscenes will be in 1920x1080. I think this should work.

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